Search engine optimization Guarantee - A trustworthy option?

Candidinfo does not offer any guarantees on SEO projects.

Surprised? Well don't be. We will tell you why you should not step into the trap of companies offering SEO guarantees. While looking for SEO related information you may have often come across advertisements that say, "Guaranteed placement among top ten for ABC keywords", or "We refund your money if we fail to get you desired results".

Have you ever stopped to wonder, what these guarantees actually are? They are nothing more than fake promises. The fact is that no search engine optimization company is in a position to offer such guarantees as they are not in total control of the process. How your site will ultimately rank, depends only on the search engines. Moreover, how can a site make such impossible promises before evaluating your site, your competitors and your market?

Companies that offer guarantees, may succeed in fulfilling their promises under the following circumstances:

They use spammy techniques to get your site a good ranking. However, sooner or later, the search engines discover this and the site is liable to be penalized.

They do not carry out keyword research honestly. They optimize yours site for unpopular keywords so that your site ranks well for those keywords. But since nobody is searching for those keywords, you do get any traffic.

This why an honest company like Candidinfo does not attempt to mislead you with impossible guarantees.

Candidinfo Assurance

Candidinfo does not offer guarantees. However, this does not mean that we do not know our work, or we are not trustworthy. We offer you a sincere assurance that we will channelize our expertise and our specialized support into your project and help you to get an impressive ranking with the major search engines. Our mission is to offer our clients great service without mincing words.

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