Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q. What is Search Engine Optimization?

A. It is updating the HTML code of your site, selecting those keywords that are most searched for locating your business, to rank high on the search engines. Engine-Specific optimized content and targeted keyword helps you attain top ranking on popular search engines.

Q. Is there any difference between search engine optimization and search engine positioning?

A. No. Search Engine Optimization is the same as search engine positioning. It is actually optimizing your site for better search engine positioning and rankings. But remember these rankings are determined by the search engines only. So, don't be led by such terminology.

Q. Can We Do This Ourselves?

A. Theoretically you can. Realistically you won't. Most companies choose to outsource because too much time and attention is required to excel in this dynamic environment. In addition, the expenses of adding new personnel and resources quickly outweigh the cost of outsourcing.

Q. Which Web sites are not optimized/ submitted by Candidinfo?

A. We do not optimize/ submit Mirror site, illegal site web site containing or linking to illegal content. Sites consisting of nothing but links to affiliate programs will not be accepted.

Q. Should we consider your services before we launch our site?

A. Yes, it can be most advantageous. Designers are mostly concerned with the aesthetics of your site, and may not be aware of search engine protocols. To ensure your site is "search engine friendly" prior to going "live" it is best to integrate our services.

Q. How do we get started?

A. Help us identify your needs by submitting a request for a quote. We will contact you to determine a level of service and send your complete quote package via email 2-day delivery. With your signature and approval the campaign process will be off the ground within a week.

Q. Do you offer an overall Web marketing / promotion plan?

A. The comprehensive marketing plan consists of our consultants learning your business, reviewing your site, studying your search engine rankings, evaluating competition and their search engine status, reviewing your goals, analyzing industry and profession directories, reviewing your current Web status and evaluating available advertising revenue. Once we understand your target market and goals, we can develop your Web site(s) to attract your desired clientele and achieve your goals. A comprehensive marketing plan typically requires 40 - 100 hours of effort and expertise on our part and ranges from $150 to $1,100.

Our Services FAQ

Q. How much does a search engine optimization campaign cost?

A. The cost of a search engine optimization campaign depends upon the scope of the program, the size and type of web site you have, the number of keywords you want your site to be optimized for. Our SEO campaigns begin at as low as US$120 / Rs.5,500 per year. We suggest that you click on the Free Position Report for an overview of your current positions within the major search engines. This free report includes our complete fee schedule, and will be e-mailed to you within 3 business days.

Q. What if I have more than one web site?

A. Each site is treated as an individual project having its own design and set up, submission process and reporting.

Q.How do you implement search engine optimization?

A.We use ethical and practical search engine optimization techniques to optimize web sites. We emphasize customized Title and Meta Tags, theme-based optimization, content, proper linkage, keyword research and analysis.Fo

Q. Which search engines do you submit to?

A. We hand submit to the search engines that deliver the most qualified traffic, including but not limited to:

If you would like to participate in a pay-for-placement campaign, we submit to:

We will submit to any specialized search engines and foreign-language search engines (i.e. non-U.S.) at your request.

Q. When will I see results?

A. Depending on your industry, the competitive level of your keywords, the previous success of your Web site, and subject to the engines updating their data, you may see minor results in 30 days with more significant frequency of top 10 and 20 rankings within approximately three months.

Technical FAQ

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

A. We do not guarantee placement unless you are participating in a pay-for-placement search engine program such as Overture/GoTo. Despite what other online marketing companies claim, no one can guarantee top search engine placement because there is a 3rd party who has all of the control: the search engines.

What we can guarantee is that we will help you with keyword selection, meta-tag and other web copywriting, submission, and optimal site design architectures for the search engines and improvement in ranking. However since 1999, we have a 100% success rate for getting clients listed at the top of search results. Read more about our SEO services.

Q. Do you create doorway pages?

A. Since all of the search engines consider doorway pages to be spam, Candidinfo does NOT create doorway pages. We create Information Pages, which are designed and written primarily to benefit your target audience who find your site via the search engines and directories. It's true that in the past you could often get away with such techniques, although they were always considered spam.

These days, you might still get away with it for a while; however, there's a good chance that you'll eventually get caught. Once you do, your doorway domain as well as your main site stands a chance of being penalized or even banned. These sneaky doorway domain techniques have become so prevalent over the years that the search engines (especially Google) are really starting to crack down on it. It doesn't matter if your doorway domain has totally different content from your main site. The content of an *extra* domain is not considered to be unique, and would be classified as spam by nearly every engine.

Q. What are the main items required by you prior to website optimization?


  • We will need a list of priority keywords and keyword phrases relative to the overall theme of the web site, with the help of which we perform thorough search engine keyword analysis and research.
  • We will need 25 word descriptions for each optimized page and each description should coincide with the keyword phrase that we are optimizing for.
  • We will need complete company information.
  • We will need FTP access to your hosting server so that we can upload pages. Note: Before we make any changes, we always download a backup copy of your existing web site just in case! We also need your permission to clean up any things that we may see on your current site during our optimization that may help to improve your rankings. This applies mainly to your current home page and main framed sections if applicable.
  • When providing access to the site, it is suggested that you set up a new user account with the following information:
    username: *******
    password: *******

This way you'll be able to record what type of activity that we have on the server during this process. We have used the clients' username and password in the past but then you cannot track our activities.

Ps: In case you are unable to provide the user name and password, we will be sending you the optimized pages by email, and will need to be in constant touch with your webmaster, so as to help in setting the pages and other tasks.

Make sure that no one performs any submissions or registrations to the search engines or directories

Q. What are the changes to be made on my Web site, and who's responsible for those changes? Are they extensive?

A. The changes are generally easy to implement and remain the quickest, and most reliable for becoming "search engine friendly". Visible text copy on their current Web site will "have to" change in order to achieve maximum success. Your Webmaster and/or your technical staff will be able to make our suggested changes with little effort, and the appearance of your Web site will remain the same.

Q. Will I get to pick my own keywords?

A. Your final approval is required prior to the start of your campaign. However, our technical staff will make suggestions based on research and evaluation of keywords from your industry and Web site.

Q. How can I determine how my current site ranks?

A. You can go to search engines and type your key words and view how your site ranks. If you prefer, we will run a free, no-obligation search engine analysis of your site's rankings based upon up to five phrases. Our Web Maintenance Plans include status reports that list your rankings and your progress.

Q. Can you tell me how much traffic I'll receive?

A. We have documented a high percentage increase in the number of page one listings for all our clients; one even said he received more traffic in a recent month than he did the entire year prior. In addition to our monthly reporting, we recommend traffic analysis software such as Web Trends.


Support FAQ

Q. What type of a support will we get?

A. Our Director, an Account Manager are available to our clients Monday through Friday during normal business hours.We are a one to one customer service company. We support all phases of your SEO campaign.

Q. What is the minimum duration of a typical campaign?

A. Typically a search engine optimization campaign runs for a minimum of 3 months. In the first month we optimize the site and submit it, then in subsequent two months we monitor the site and make sure it is crawled and ranked higher by all the search engines we submit to.

Q. What Happens During the Term of the Program?

A. Our submission and optimization program is ongoing. During the span of your campaign, we continue to boost and maintain your visibility within the search engines.

Q. Do You Provide Reporting?

A. Yes, throughout the course of the entire program each client has an Account Specialist who is responsible for reporting the status of each campaign. These reports include key program data such as position rankings and amount of traffic generated, visitors referred to your site by search engines, which keyword they used to locate your site, the path followed by them, which search engine is getting you most traffic and more. Position reports are typically e-mailed to clients on a fortnightly basis. Traffic data information is real-time and can also be accessed at any time by the client.

Q. What happens if I do not continue with a search engine maintenance and submission plan?

A.To maintain quality search results, search engines frequently change their ranking algorithms. The continuous changes prevent hucksters and unsavory sites from appearing in searches in which they do not belong. If you do not pay attention to the changes, your site will gradually decline in the rankings. It goes without saying that if your competition does pay attention, their rankings will improve.

Another consideration is the fact that search engines are growing rapidly. Sites periodically disappear from search engine listings. Unfortunately, it takes time to get back into a search engine once the site disappears. A search engine maintenance plan with a reliable Web consulting firm will insure that your site is monitored and optimized for current search engine algorithms. You are welcome to review our Web Maintenance Plans.

Q. I am a Webmaster. Can you help my clients?

A. Many of our clients are Webmasters who wish to help their clients. Few Webmasters and general technology consultants have the time nor experience to work with search engine optimization / promotion and keep up with the frequent changes that search engines make to their algorithms. We have referral and reseller programs. We will commit in writing not to become involved in the Web design portion of your client's requirements.

About Us FAQ

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We've been offering search engine related services since 1999 when the Internet was in its embryonic stage in India.

Q. Do you have any references?

A. Many of our clients have gratefully offered to provide a reference on our behalf via phone or email. Our corporate resume highlights those particular clients and their contact information.

Q. How does Candidinfo keep up with what search engines are looking for?

A. Candidinfo keep abreast of the latest search engine methods and rules, which change all the time and therefore are able to provide a professional service to you. We fully understand the elements that make up a fully optimized, search engine friendly web site as well as the rules and methods that each search engine sets forth.


Competition FAQ

Q. What's the difference between you and your competitors?


  • We charge a lower price but offer more. Also, we monitor your site for 2 months after the initial work, without any monthly fees.
  • We do keyword research for you so that you will not target the wrong keywords.
  • In addition, we identify any problematic HTML codes in your web site and advise you how to correct the problems. As a result, your web site can be cleaner and can rank higher in major search engines.
  • Also,we offer business advice for you to improve sales conversion ratio. Our competitors do not help you to make more money.
  • Weuse ethical techniques. We don't use spamming, cloaking, doorway pages and other techniques unwelcomed by major search engines.
  • Unlike our competitors, we won't need you to register a new domain name and store at our server. Our competitors do this because they can force you to join their monthly maintenance plan or else you lose all your work.

Q. Many companies say that they can achieve high rankings. How can I judge?

A. Good question! Seldom is there such a clear-cut way to evaluate providers as there is in the search engine optimization (SEO) business. A potential SEO provider can be evaluated within a few moments. Instead of reading Web pages and fluff, you can test for results.

Ask the consulting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm for a list of their Web sites and for the SEO's designated search phrases. Perform a search and see if the sites come up in the top 10 to 40 returns. Few will. You will quickly weed out the pretenders. Ask for references. We invite you to view our client comments.

The SEO company should be able to quickly show you status reports that show your current rankings and how you stack up against your competitors. For an example of status reports, please see ours.

If you are not comfortable asking for this information, try some searches on your own. As an example, type the phrases -- business Web designers, Web promotion consultants, law firm Web designers (or law firm Web design) in Google's or AltaVista's search box. Test some of the SEO's clients. Check popularity links by typing the SEO company's domain ( into the search box of Google and AltaVista.

Q. I discovered a rating agency that grades SEO firms. How can I evaluate rating agencies?

A. Some rating agencies do a good job. Others select their own criteria and grade SEO firms against it. Some are in the SEO business or have affiliations and are obviously biased. One rating agency, for example, does not evaluate "results"; they only evaluate based upon "their" criteria. You should evaluate SEO firms based upon their own and their client's rankings.

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